05 Jun

The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Out a Personal Loan

Often, we are in need of some amount of money and our family and friends can’t always help us out. In such a case, personal loan seems to be the right thing to do a sudden expense. However, there are some pitfalls along the way. So, here are the Dos and Don’ts while taking a personal loan:


  • Explore every option before deciding to take a loan:
  • Loan is an official commitment; hence, you need to be 100% sure that there is no other way to solve the situation.

  • Decide how quickly you need the money:
  • If you need the money quickly, then you should go for an instant personal loan which is available online.

  • Prepare a plan to pay the loan off:
  • You need to have a viable plan of paying back before taking a loan. Otherwise, the interest rate will keep on piling on you.

  • Compare the terms of the loan:
  • Before taking the loans, compare the terms of the loan. Some lenders allow monthly repayment while others have weekly repayment. Some penalize you heavily for missing a deadline while others less so. Hence, choose the lender which suits you.

  • Read the fine print:
  • Whatever look you take, whether it is an instant personal loan or emergency loan online, you need to read the terms and condition carefully.


  • Don’t jump to take the lowest rate:
  • If you see a low rate, don’t jump to take it immediately, complete your research, and then decide a lender.

  • Don’t borrow form unofficial lender:
  • while browsing the internet, you see an ad “Personal Loan in Delhi”, ignore them. Such ads are generally posted by fraud lenders.

  • Ignore your credit score:
  • If you apply for a loan and it’s get rejected, then it is reflected on your credit score. Having a low credit score is never good.

  • Ask someone to be co-signer:
  • First, no one will agree to co-sign, even if they do it is better not to have a co-signer.

  • Lie in your Loan application:
  • Lying in your application form isn’t worth it, because if the lender found out you are lying, then you are in trouble.

    These are the tips you need to keep in mind while taking a personal loan.